Friday, December 07, 2007

Thanks Comcast....

Well Comcast decided to block port 25 incoming into my server at my house, they think I am a spammer. I can understand blocking port 25 going out (which they did as well), but incoming? I guess they say I can't run a server and since a mail server falls into that, they can do that unless I get a commercial account or use a mail reflector both cost extra so I'm not going to do that. So now I can't receive any email coming into the mailing list that I was using for gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer. So I had to reconfigure all my email stuff yesterday. So now the mailing lists have moved to Google Groups

The group for gnome-mplayer is here:

and the one for gecko-mediaplayer is here:

You have to join the group to post, but I don't think that is a bad thing at all. The CVS mailing lists are all internal to the server and so posting to them is not blocked by Comcast, so those will remain where they are for now.

Anyway, thanks Comcast for killing several hours.