Thursday, June 10, 2010

Laptop Screens

Lately, I've been shopping for a laptop. I would like a model with an I5 or I7 processor and a 14" screen. However, all the of the 14" models have the 1366x768 resolution. This is an absolute disaster for anyone trying to use a computer. My job recently issued me a new laptop that has a 1440x900 screen and this feels really tight. I can't imagine what a smaller screen would be like to work on. My last 14" laptop (Lenovo T60p) has a 1600x1280 screen and it was great. I hate that the screens we are using today are much much worse than the screens we had 5 yrs ago.

So manufactures out there... quit using crappy screen on otherwise decent laptops. Or at least give us the option to upgrade to a decent screen.