Friday, May 18, 2012

mplayer-video-thumbnailer aka nailer update

I hadn't really noticed that my mplayer-video-thumbnailer had not been working properly in under Gnome3. Some thumbnails were getting updated and others were not. So I finally tracked down the problem and was able to solve it in about 20 mins. It turned out that nautilus had changed its configuration for thumbnails from a gconf entry to something similar to how Thunar does it.

So I made some changed and bumped the version

You can download it from here:

Thursday, May 17, 2012

MPRIS2 support in GNOME MPlayer

MPRIS2is becoming the standard way of controlling media players over DBUS. Since GNOME MPlayer already had much of this capability built in due to the usage of DBUS to communicate with gecko-mediaplayer I decided to add MPRIS support in to the upcoming 1.0.7 release of gnome-mplayer.

After a few days of work, much of the MPRIS specification has been implemented. Really not that hard except for having to figure out how to implement some of the more unusual types. The mpristester application was a huge help in debugging and ensuring that the implementation went correctly.

After initial support was working I began testing the code with a few of the gnome-shell extensions that use MPRIS to control several media players. I had to make a few modifications to them, mainly just adding "gnome-mplayer" to the list of supported players and after that they just started working.

So if you use one of these extensions, tell them to add support for gnome-mplayer to there application. And as always if they have issues, I should be able to fix the problems within a short period.

The code is in SVN now, and I recommend that you get gmtk and gnome-mplayer from SVN for the best support.