Thursday, May 07, 2009

Video of Fullscreen ClutterDesk


ClutterDesk is starting to be something. I can have it run and take over the desktop now and then you can open folders and applications (using gnome-open). You can also drag items around, but nothing remembers where it was from run to run.

I'm thinking of turning this into a real project now. It does require accelerated 3d to work. (my r6xx, with the radeon driver, sucks running it).

Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Followup on an Application Idea - ClutterDesk

About a year ago, I posted an idea about an application idea. Nobody ever took me up on it as far as I can tell. So I finally had some time and thought I would post a slight mockup of the idea. So here is a video that shows the mock up I have made. I developed this in about 2-3 hrs using the clutter library.

I'll continue working on this mockup and eventually turn it into something as I have time, but if anyone wants to run with it and make it a real app, I'll be happy to provide code.

Friday, May 01, 2009

Picasa on Fedora 11

I found out today that in order to run Picasa on Fedora 11, you need to have the openssl-devel.i586 package installed. This package includes, which is what Picasa needs when connecting to the Google site.

I found this odd, because -devel packages are normally not needed on non-developer machine. But just thought I would share this information.

You might also want to install nss-mdns.i586