Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Quicktime Media Link format media

I was trying to check out the new trailer for Transformers and I found that gecko-mediaplayer would not handle it right. So I took a look at the file that was coming from Yahoo. It looked like a real simple XML file so I went ahead a made a parser for it using the XML parsing tools in GLIB and after about 20 mins of work I had the media playing in my browser. I'm not sure Transformers is gonna have all that great of a story, but the visuals are very impressive. So I'll have to see if I'm gonna wait until Netflix has it or not.

Sunflower Applet

Sunflower is starting to be a interesting app for me to be working on. In the last couple of days (in CVS as of today) I've edited the preferences dialog to include a world map and you can just click on your location to select where you are. The black dot is where I am.

Every time, I work with GTK I find out some more things that are really easy to do, once you do a little reading. Usually the tricky part is figuring out how to get something in the spot you expect it.

Am I nuts...

Whew.... Sunday morning was a big software release day for me. I released the following applications for GNOME

GNOME MPlayer 0.4.6
Gecko Media Player 0.0.6
Sunflower Applet 0.6
Grandr Applet 0.3

These can all be found at http://dekorte.homeip.net/download

Saturday, May 05, 2007


The grandr applet for GNOME had been unmaintained for awhile and I use it every now and then and there were a few problems with it. So I found those problems and fixed them and offered them as patches upstream. The author of grandr_applet said he really wasn't doing much with it these days, so I offered to take over maintenance of it. He said, "Go for it". So now I guess I am the maintainer of the app until someone else wants it. So far I have yet to do a release, but it is in my cvs with my patches. I'm waiting to see what breaks when the new xrandr 1.2 comes out.


I've been doing a lot of GUI work on the GNOME MPlayer. Some of the work I'm doing may not agree 100% with the GNOME HIG documents but, I think the end result will be pretty close. And the GUI I end up with is gonna be a lot less heinous than any of the gmplayer themes. Lots of discussion of how the GUI should meet the HIG but definitely no patches coming in to "correct" many of them. I think alot of the HIG complaints are just personal preferences masked as a "compliance issues". Personally, I have my own preferences and I think I'll choose mine over others unless there is a really good reason.