Wednesday, September 26, 2007

MiniPC died...

Well my primary workstation (Aopen MiniPC) died today. The fan the cools the processor broke and now the machine won't run for more than about 30 mins. So I'm really looking for a replacement now.

Luckily, my Zonbu machine arrived yesterday and I put it into operation. So far it is a pretty decent machine, it is not as fast as I am used to and so it feels a little pokey. And it is definitely not a developers workstation. But the lack of noise from the machine is great. My biggest disappointment so far is the analog (VGA) only output to the display. I have a large (1600x1050) display that is very clear on a DVI connection with an analog connection it is just not as sharp.

Cachefs in it syncs to the servers at zonbu pretty constantly and so if you put a lot of data (my email is about 400MB) on the box you can actually saturate your own network outgoing. So I had to put in a throttle the cachefs settings. If you need these I would be glad to share them.

Also, I put thunderbird on mine because I like it better than evolution.

All in all the Zonbu is great for someone who does minimal document creation, email and lots of websurfing on a broadband connection. I have not hooked up a webcam or a scanner to it yet, but I also don't see any apps for those devices either.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

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