Wednesday, August 29, 2007

GNOME MPlayer 0.5.0 and Gecko MediaPlayer 0.5.0

GNOME MPlayer 0.5.0 and Gecko MediaPlayer 0.5.0 have been released. You can get them at my website.

The biggest feature is the addition of playlist and a graphical playlist manager to GNOME MPlayer. Full drag and drop support to the playlist is included, so creating a playlist should be a snap.

I've found out recently that Zonbu and Zenwalk Linux are including GNOME MPlayer in their software as the default interface to MPlayer. So that is pretty cool. Zonbu is supposed to be sending me one of their machines, so I am looking forward to trying out one of those.

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Nils said...

Thank you for the great work! I'm finally able to watch embedded video in Opera.
BTW I'm also living in Longmont :-)