Monday, April 14, 2008

Intel G35 chipset on Linux

Holy cow I've been having some issues with the Intel G35 on linux. Especially with 3d code and screen corruption and crashing. After a lot of git pulls I finally have a setup that actually works to my expectations.

As of today I did the following

pulled drm from git, compiled and installed and thing compiled and installed the linux-core subdirectory as well

pulled mesa from git master compiled and installed

pulled xserver from git master and compiled and installed with these options
./configure --prefix=/usr --with-mesa-source=/home/kdekorte/cvs/mesa/ --with-dri -driver-path=/usr/lib/dri --enable-builtin-fonts

pulled xf86-drv-intel from the 'origin/intel-batchbuffer' branch and then compiled and installed with these options

./configure --prefix=/usr --with-xserver-source=/home/kdekorte/cvs/xserver

After all that googleearth, etracer and quake3 all work as expected. And reasonably fast. Quake gives me 90fps and for some reason I think it could give more. etracer is in the 20-25 fps range.


Stefan said...
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Stefan said...

Hi I also have the G35 chipset but it is running very very slow. I am a Linux newbee, is there a tutorial available on how to compile these drivers?

Kevin said...

I suggest this site

Holger Lubitz said...

hmm. i'm having problems with my new g35 mobo and fedora 9. i installed 8 gb and a q9300. install worked fine. afterwards - just black screen in x. cursor appears, then boom. read that asus mainboards don't set up mtrr correctly and disabling memory remapping should help. didn't. removed 6 gb and now with just a single 2 gb module at least vesa works. intel still doesn't.

any hints? (fedora has the 2.2.1 driver. already tried compiling 2.3.1. no change)

Kevin said...

Actually I don't. I got so fed up with the G35 chipset either crashing or giving poor results that I ended up getting an ATI 3650 video card for my machine. (see my other blog posts).

I am now waiting for the fglrx drivers to come out for Fedora 9 so that I can upgrade.

Kevin said...

With Fedora 11 and 12 the G35 chipset is now quite usable now that the drivers have had a years worth of work, and seems to be a decent option.

Stefan said...

In Ubuntu 11.04 it is not working anymore. Although it seems to boot fine, on HDMI you get a total black screen. Quite pathetic!