Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Gnome MPlayer Subtitle Updates

I did some more work on the subtitle and audio language pickers today. The problem I had is that some media types don't have a label for the subtitle or audio ids. So for some cases media that had subtitles or different audio tracks this tracks where not getting picked up. So I got to work on fixing that today and what happens is that for ids that have a label, the label is placed in the menu, otherwise the raw id value is put in the menu. This should at least allow the user to try some of the different options and see if they get what they want.

As you can see in this example of an mkv file with many subtitles, all of the possible subtitles are in the menu with the active title marked. You can see on the video how Spanish is the subtitle set being used.

In the above example the media (dvdnav://) does not have a label for the audio languages and so we get the code. Since this is all the information that mplayer is providing at this point, I can't present a label but it is better than no option. In this case 128 is English and 129 is Spanish.

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