Saturday, March 14, 2009

Audio Meter

Zdravko Nikolov asked be if gnome-mplayer could have an audio meter. I had looked at this in the past and didn't get very far with it and so I decided to take a look at it again. The first thing was how to get the data from mplayer and then I found the export audio filter. I still don't quite get what I am actually getting from the filter, but the data is interesting enough that when graphed it gives something like an audio meter. Now audio techies are probably gonna think what I came up with is an abomination, but it looks pretty and for some people that is all they want.

Here is a screenshot of what I current have working in some test code, and the next thing will be to merge it into the gnome-mplayer code base.

It does scale out and so as you drag the window, everything scales up, which is good. Also if anyone has better math for this or can enlighten me a little as to what the data actually is that would be great.

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