Saturday, April 04, 2009

Disable 'flat' volume in pulseaudio 0.9.15

If you don't like the new 'flat' volume feature in pulseaudio 0.9.15, like I don't then try this.

Login as root and run

echo "flat-volumes = no" >> /etc/pulse/daemon.conf

And then relogin to your desktop, and that should do it.


Nepherte said...

I disabled the flat volume too because it really bugged me that the app volumes were always maxed. All applications but MPlayer (and because of that gnome-mplayer as well) seem to respect the "custom" set volume. The volume of MPlayers keeps getting maxed. Do you, by any chance, have an idea how to resolve this?

Thx in advance


Kevin said...

Get a version of gnome-mplayer greater than 0.8.0 and make sure that when you run configure it says "ALSA = yes" and then it should work correctly.

Nepherte said...

Yup, using mplayer/gnome-mplayer with alsa does appear to work. Thanks Unfortunately that native pulse doesn't seem to work :s

Franki said...

If the solution does not work for you it probably means that you have a custom pulseadio configuration for your user. Update ~/.config/pulse/daemon.conf or ~/.pulse/daemon.conf if that is your case.