Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another new Media Tracker

Well the media tracker in 0.9.6 was not well received. I thought it worked well and gave plenty of feedback and looked ok. I knew it had some "GTK Theme" issues, but in general it stuck the the standards.

So anyway, after messing around with a couple of mockups, I decided to ditch the 0.9.6 media tracker and create a new one. It is a little closer to the one in totem, but still uses as little screen space as possible.

So there you go... this should be in 0.9.7. So far I'm amazed how much code I have changed yet again in the 0.9.6 to 0.9.7 development cycle.


Alex said...

Hmm.. I wish I had seen your blog earlier. First off, thanks so much for all your work. I love gnome-mplayer. I didn't realize that people didn't like the media tracker. It's look in 0.9.6 is one of the main reasons that I choose gnome-mplayer over totem. Will there be anyway to keep the old look? I really just don't like having a big slider button that prevents me from see where I am clicking.

Kevin said...

If you hover over various locations on the slider it will tell you the time at the location. Takes a second to pop up but once it is up you can move left and right over the bar and it will show you where that would be in the movie, unless the media is streaming.