Monday, August 24, 2009 Trailers and gecko-mediaplayer

Right after the 0.9.7 release of gecko-mediaplayer I was made aware of the fact the videos don't work anymore. They worked about a week ago, but Apple apparently made a change. A bug was opened in the gecko-mediaplayer bug tracker (#34). And due to the information provided on how to work around this bug, I was able to create a patch for this bug.

SVN now has a fix for it and should work correctly. Depending on demand I may do a new release of gecko-mediaplayer.

EDIT: Sept 23,2009. I made a similar patch to mplayerplug-in and the code is in CVS now, or you can get it from the nightly code build on the 24th.


Jim said...

+1 for 'demand' ;)

blueser said...

Yes, please, please, release a patched version for Fedora 11... =}

paaz said...

Glitches turn up in OpenBox when there is no Gnome desktop installed, but only dependency libs from GTK+ and Gnome etc. I have HAL/dbus and all that, but not full-blown Gnome.

Right now, video is broken. I can only play flash, wmv, etc. in console mplayer. Yours worked fine (pre 0.9.7 I guess) and I love it.

There have always been minor glitches in gnome-mplayer on OpenBox. The scrollbar widget for track position has never worked in OpenBox WM.

So my suggestion for debug is to boot a PC from (say) any live CD that runs "only" OpenBox, Fluxbox or the like. Then install gnome-mplayer, and see how things go. CrunchBang might work.

My system is pure Arch, but any Linx that doesn't call itself a GNOME or XFCE release will do as well. Being Arch, my sys has latest kernel, libs, etc.

It should be possible to run Gnome programs in non-Gnome environments. I run Gimp no problem, etc.

Could relate to hidden-assumption bugs in dbus, not your program, but worth a test.

Anyway thanks for this gem, really nice to see not all Gnome devs want to drag in the whole codebase. I'm not for KDE, either, and avoid that too.

billydv1 said...

Kevin, Please bump the version so I can get on the gentoo devs to release into portage asap!!!! Thanks

Kevin said...

billydv1, looking on making a 0.9.8 as soon as I can. Want to fix any outstanding bugs and make a nice solid release.

Kevin said...

0.9.8 has been released with the fixes