Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Fosfor UI

Here is the UI for fosfor. I think I will keep with this model for awhile. The buttons light up as you move over them and the control bar only appears when the mouse is over the window. If you don't move the mouse for 3 seconds the control bar and the pointer disappear. Also there is a slight transparency to the control bar so that you can see the video thru the controls.

The audio and subtitle options do work, but for subtitles, sometimes to get the proper one to appear you need to seek in the media. Problem appears to be in gstreamer, but still seeing if I can work around that issue.

1 comment:

mikebo said...

I really like where this is going. It would be great if the menu bar could fade in & out as well, or at least an option in the right click menu to hide it.

Keep up the good work.