Thursday, February 11, 2010

Album Cover Art with Shoutcast

I noticed that many shoutcast sites have their track data in a common format "Artist - Song Title'. Based on this, I could use the code I use to obtain the album cover art for MP3 files where not much meta data is available. So a simple parse of the content and a call to the art lookup code and we get this.

This is from which is an 80's shoutcast station Sky.FM.


tomas said...

gnome-mplayer svn code?

mcneesek said...

Kevin - I cam across your post while looking for a player that will display album art for our new ShoutCast radio station. Is this a player you designed? Do you design custom players? Email me at -Kevin (solid name!)

Chris said...

Hey Kevin, Im looking for a player that would display album art from my shoutcast stream. Did you design this player or did you find the code online? I been looking for weeks and havent found anything. Is this something you designed? If so, please email me at djchrisdeza AT Thanks.

Kevin said...


Yes I built this code. It is part of gnome-mplayer and the code can be found at

Look for the function get_cover_art_url and that should help.