Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Keyboard Customization

One of the common requests I get for gnome-mplayer is the option to customize the keyboard hot keys. One thing about a US keyboard is that it has keys that a Russian keyboard does not have. So when I hardcode a hotkey, it may work for me, but may cause problems for others. So I have finally gotten around to building this functionality into the code.

Keyboard Customization screen
As of right now I only have the menu shortcuts working with this new method. If it turns out that this method works properly with Russian or other keyboards, then I'll add more shortcuts to this screen.

To use this you need SVN of gnome-mplayer and gmtk from July 20, 2011 or later. gmtk is only needed as I added one function to it.


Hans said...
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Hans said...

Hi there Kevin-

Since the last "yum update" my copy of gnome-mplayer does not anymore switch audio tracks upon the "#" key. In my multi-lingual family that is a big problem.

Could this change be the reason for it?

Thank you!