Thursday, December 29, 2011


Version 1.0.5 of gmtk, gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplayer have been released

The build process is the same as 1.0.5b1 which is documented here:

The following fixes have been made since 1.0.4


This library is new as of 1.0.5 and is required for the build. Several common functions and routines in gnome-mplayer and gecko-mediaplay have been moved to this library. Which should result in a slightly smaller installed code size.

gmtk can be used to build your own media players as widgets have been created to control mplayer. A simple media player can be built using this library very quickly. If you have questions about this library and how to use it in your GTK application, please email the list and I will cover its usage.


Removal of large amounts of code that are now present in gmtk
Customization of Menu Hot keys
Remove need of mplayer config file
--vo and --dvd_device command line options
Several other small fixes


Due to changes at Apple, QT files from are now fully downloaded before playing, prevents mplayer from crashing or going into a infinite loop

Workaround xulrunner issues due to the API changing but Mozilla not bumping the API version

Conversion to gmtk for preference storage and other common routines.

Download links:


Ikem said...

Is there a way to start Gnome MPlayer minimized in the system tray?

silverarrow said...

Gnome mplayer and gecko plugin became my favorite when I first noticed it in the first lubuntu launch. I even replaced Totem with it in regular Ubuntu. It still runs fine. It`s a very good solution.

Lately I have been installing linux on a few older mac powerpc computers, which works fine with light running distos and applications. The issue with powerpc is the not so great CPU, that hardly lets you stream anything in browser. There is very little made and tested for powerpc these days, which is understandable but very unfortunate. There are still loads of iBooks and G3, G4 and G5 alive that will run fine with linux.

Is there a chance gnome mplayer and gecko will stream on powerpc? I have lubuntu 12.04 powerpc iso with gnome mplayer, it works somewhat in firefox with flash video replacer, but only if opened as standalone player. Hardly anything works embedded in browser on powerpc, and it really should

Is there a way to make gnome mplayer and gecko player work on powerpc?

Regards :-)