Friday, May 18, 2012

mplayer-video-thumbnailer aka nailer update

I hadn't really noticed that my mplayer-video-thumbnailer had not been working properly in under Gnome3. Some thumbnails were getting updated and others were not. So I finally tracked down the problem and was able to solve it in about 20 mins. It turned out that nautilus had changed its configuration for thumbnails from a gconf entry to something similar to how Thunar does it.

So I made some changed and bumped the version

You can download it from here:


Fedor said...

It isn't working under Fedora 17 and 18 :(
Any ideas?

Kevin DeKorte said...

Seems to work here for me, perhaps you could try running it from the commandline and see what it does.

Fedor said...

I have nailer from RPMFusion and it seems that it doesn't provide "nailer.thumbnailer" file. So I needed to copy it manually from source package to /usr/share/thumbnailers/. Now it's working fine. Bye, bye Totem ;)