Monday, July 18, 2005

Getting Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince

Jody and I went out at 11:45pm on Friday to get the latest Harry Potter book. Thought we would go by Borders and pickup a copy. Well when we got there the place was packed. I really did not expect to see 500+ people in the store. Anyway, we waiting in line to get our coupon to get in another line. We were number 583... ack, gonna be awhile to get the book. No we didn't reserve a copy or preorder it. We figured with all the hype it would be easy to pickup. But seeing that we were gonna be in for a long wait I decided to run over to the King Soopers (grocery store) to see if they had a copy. I had noticed they would be selling it. So about 12:15am I was there and by 12:20 I had a copy in hand. Took another 10 mins to check out because there were about 50 people there as well. So I headed back over to Borders and picked up Jody and we headed home with our new treasure. When I picked up Jody they were still calling out numbers below 300, so we would have had a much longer wait there.

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