Friday, July 01, 2005

mplayerplug-in status catchup

Well where to start....

I am the primary author of the Firefox browser plugin mplayerplug-in it is a tool that I wrote because I was sick of having to dig around in the source HTML, download the file and then play it locally. So after 2.5 years later it is a pretty decent tool, not the best thing ever but is solves the problem most of the time.

Version 2.85 is the current release and here is what I am working on now for 3.0

Modular architecture. The enable-* flags are going to be gone from the conf file. I'm making several plugins from the same source so that the emulation of the other plugins can be better. You need mplayerplug-in to do RealMedia but nothing else. You'll just install the and .xpt files and it will be done

Why am I doing this. Well to make Google Video work with mplayerplug-in this change is necessary, also it makes a few other things a little nicer from a code generation/configuration POV.

As for Google Video. I currently have it working on my machine albeit with some caviats. Currently the javascript that Google uses is kinda tricky, more so than it needs to be, and so the Javascript support in Firefox 1.0.4 is not up to the task of making it work. I have tried a nightly build of DeerField (Firefox 1.1) and it seems to work better, but not perfect yet. I had to add some additional JavaScript methods to mplayerplug-in as well. I have not commited this code to CVS yet, but probably will soon.

Well that is were we are as of today.

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