Saturday, February 28, 2009

Gnome Theme - Japan 2007

I was looking at some themes for the E17 window manager and found one called Japan2007. I liked the colors in it and so I grabbed the screen shot and then used gimp to find out the color ids. So since I use gnome, I setup up my preferences using these colors. Here is what I came up with.

Controls: Nodeka
Window - #D8D9CC
Input Box - #EDEDE6
Selected Items - #D3D5C0
Tooltips - #F5F5B5
For all the text I used black or #000000
Window Border: Nodeka
Icons: Gnome

It looks like this


WAVE said...

Your blog is wonderfull, I just loved to visit your blog : D

Please participate in my poll... THANKS! (hope you enjoy my blog and my objective)

darren said...

where can I find the control Nodeka?
I can only find Nodoka.

Kevin said...

I spelled it wrong...

I also like it with Clearlooks