Monday, October 25, 2010

More testing on r600g

A few weeks ago I posted about some testing I did with the r600 Gallium (r600g) drivers in Mesa 7.9 on my Radeon HD3650 (rv635) card. Well, I've been keeping up with the testing and all I can say is that it keeps getting better. Today, upgraded some more components (xorg) and did some more testing, with the power settings on high. Lowering the cards power setting to 'med' can drop the FPS by 20-30%.

Current packages installed
kernel 2.6.36
libdrm 2.4.22
mesa git
xf86-video-ati git
xserver 1.9

With this setup my desktop (gnome 2.30 with compiz 0.8.6) things seem pretty smooth. Scrolling seems better in Firefox and other things seem correct. I still have some problems with fullscreen video tearing in flash (10.2.161) videos. But mplayer and totem seem to run fine. Clutter apps still don't work quite right on my machine even though I have upgraded clutter to 1.4. But I think I am down level on some of the requirements.

Testing results
nexuiz-glx, normal settings, 1024x768 windowed, 30fps (about the same)
vdrift, 1024x768 windowed, 30-60fps (this is a big improvement)
openarena, 1024x768, windowed, 50-60fps (no change)
etracer, 1024x768, 25-30fps

What is funny is just having the blogger editing screen open seems to drop the FPS of games by about 30%. So the editor code at blogger needs some help.

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