Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gnome Mplayer 1.0 is out and whats next

Well now that gnome-mplayer 1.0 is out.. where to from here. I have a couple of ideas that I am working on and basically just lack for time to get them all done.

1. Conversion of gnome-mplayer to gtk3
2. Which means redoing the audio meter widget in Cairo
3. I also am converting the main mplayer control to a GTK Widget in libgmtk
4. Probably spawning libgmlib and libgmtk into their own SVN projects

Why do all this, I'm hoping that by making it a widget it will solve some of the weird GTK positioning side effects that I have to work around. So far I have a basic version of the widget working and it seems decent. I have a test harness working where I can use the media player widget and the tracker widget and have them working with each other.

So that is what I am working on...


fabrizio said...

Tks for help me in google code to solve compiling the plugin, you are great!!

I've closed my article:


EvilGnome said...

Great work, as usual!
Will the new code structure in any way minimize the amount of code/work/complexity needed for future fosfor development? Is fosfor on the radar on any level?

Kevin said...


Fosfor work is coming, but is on the back burner at the moment as Clutter is broken on my Fedora 14 box that I do development on. I hope to continue working on the code once I upgrade to Fedora 15.