Wednesday, February 09, 2011

r600g Benchmarks Round 3

In October I did some benchmarking of r600g performance on my machine. Since it has been about five months since that set of tests I decided to revisit the tests and see if any improvements are to be had.

As a recap for my hardware I'm using a Asus Silent Magic EAH3650 video card (rv635 chip). A Q6600 processor (2.4 Ghz x 4), 8GB of RAM.

The OS is Fedora 14 64bit, but with the 2.6.38-rc4 kernel and libdrm, mesa, and xf86-drv-ati all from git.

In the last round I had the following results

Testing results (October 2010)
  • nexuiz-glx, normal settings, 1024x768 windowed, 30fps
  • vdrift, 1024x768 windowed, 30-60fps
  • openarena, 1024x768, windowed, 50-60fps
  • etracer, 1024x768, 25-30fps
With the newer r600g code I have the following results (Febuary 2011)
  • nexuiz-glx, normal settings, 1024x768 windowed, 40-45fps (improvement)
  • vdrift, 1024x768 windowed, 60fps at the main screen, 15-30fps during the game. The visual quality has improved quite a bit even though the frame rate is a little lower
  • openarena, 1024x768, windowed, 50-60fps (no change)
  • etracer, 1024x768, 50-60fps (improvement)

Also, since the October test Savage2 and Heroes of Neworth have started working correctly. So more or less improvements all around. When you see the r600g report 60fps in a test it means the card is able to draw at the monitor refresh rate, which is good.

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